Russell IPM specialises in insect pheromones and other biorational solutions
Russell IPM translate science into innovative products Providing customer focussed solutions.
Russell IPM promotes bio-rational products.
Minimising impact on the environment.

Russell IPM is the market leader in providing customer focussed solutions to the issues facing pest controllers.

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Queens Awards
As recognition of our outstanding achievements, Russell IPM has been granted the Queens’s Award for Enterprise:International trade 2011 and the Queens’s Award for Enterprise:Innovation, 2012.


countries world wide
We are an international company with marketing subsidiaries in Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan and Bangladesh, plus distributors in many other countries.


Russell IPM has developed and worked with more than 150 insect pheromone lures and several biorational pesticides. With the in-house capacity of our R&D team to isolate and develop even more.

30 years in the business.